Europlanet Mentees are graduate students and early career professionals (typically <7 years after the last degree) at the time of application. 

The mentoring programme aims to support Mentees in developing their career, increasing their confidence and making important decisions.

At the start of the mentoring partnership, Mentees will discuss with their Mentor what areas they would like to work on, set some goals and objectives and define some steps they might take to achieve them. 

Areas for discussion may include:

  • career pathways;
  • work/life balance;
  • leadership development;
  • developing collaborations;
  • communication and interpersonal skills;
  • networking;
  • well-being at the workplace;
  • increasing visibility in the community;
  • managing research;
  • publishing;
  • fundraising & grant management;
  • supervising students;
  • managing administrative duties, etc.

When applying, Mentees may request support from a Mentor to develop specific new skills, such as:

  • scientific expertise;
  • policy engagement;
  • entrepreneurship & innovation;
  • science outreach.

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