*Preliminary programme

Day 1Time (CET)Chair: Ricardo HuesoSession: Solar System Planets
June 19MondayPresenterTitle
16:00-16:20Ricardo HuesoAmateur participation in Research in Solar System Planets: From Mercury to Neptune
16:20-16:35John H. RogersThe Juno mission and the role of amateur astronomers
16:35-16:50Itziar GarateAmateur observations of Venus in support of space missions: From Akatsuki to Envision
16:50-17:05Marc DelcroixDetecting impacts in Jupiter with amateur equipment and the DeTeCt software
17:05-17:20Clyde FosterIn Search of Better Seeing- the why and how of our move to Namibia
Day 2Time (CET)Chair: Grazina TautvaisieneSession: Exoplanets and their host stars
June 20TuesdayPresenterTitle
14:00-14:15Grazina TautvaisieneEuroplanet Telescope Network for exoplanetary research
14:15-14:30Edita StonkuteHigh-resolution spectroscopic follow-up of known exoplanet-hosts and candidates with the Europlanet Telescope Network
14:30-14:45Ashutosh SharmaProbing the C/O and Mg/Si elemental ratios in planet-harboring stars with the Europlanet Telescope Network
14:45-15:00Mohammed TalafhaThe solar activity cycle and its effects on planets
15:00-15:15Florence LibotteExoplanet: two years of amateur experience at the Europlanet Telescope Network
15:15-15:30Andre KovacsObservations of transiting exoplanets using small telescopes from the Europlanet Telescope Network
Day 3Time (CET)Chair: Edyta Podlewska-GacaSession: Minor bodies of the Solar System
June 21WednesdayPresenterTitle
16:00-16:15Csaba KissOuter Solar System Small Body Sciences with 1m-class telescopes
16:15-16:30Mike KretlovPhysical Properties of trans-Neptunian Object 2002 KX14 from Stellar Occultation Observations
16:30-16:45Milagros ColazoWhat can we learn by studying the brightness behavior of asteroids?
16:45-17:00Krzysztof KamińskiAstronomical observations in the age of satellite megaconstellations
17:00-17:15Emil WilawerPARSEC Alert System
17:15-17:30Edyta Podlewska-GacaGaia-Ground based Observational Service fo Asteroids